2018 · November 05, 2018
These days, trademark examination takes much longer than it used to in Japan. Accordingly, the article "How Long Does it Take to Register a Trademark in Japan?" has been updated.
2018 · November 01, 2018
A new page "Trademark Renewal Period in Japan" has been added to our website.
2018 · June 20, 2018
Examination Guidelines for Similar Goods and Services
This blog post is about trademark examination guidelines for similar goods and services edited by the Japan Patent Office.
2018 · May 01, 2018
We are pelased to inform you that our office has moved.
2018 · April 20, 2018
Cherry Blossoms in Japan
April is a start of something new in Japan.
2018 · March 12, 2018
Madrid Protocol: Second Part of Individual Fees to be payable for a designation of Japan
This explains when and how first and second part of the Individual Fees have to be paid when Japan is designated in an application for the International Registration under the Madrid Protocol.
2018 · February 22, 2018
We are happy to announce Trademark Wagon Patent Attorney Office's new website redesign.
2018 · February 01, 2018
Finding a good trademark or patent firm in other countries is hard. Where and how to find it would be a common concern to business owners. If you can get a list of trademark and patent firms, it will save you valuable time and energy. Here is an international directory of IP law firms and individual patent and trademark attorneys maintained by IP-Coster: www.ip-coster.com Clicking Japan from the IP-Listing, there is a list of Japanese patent and trademark firms, including us - Trademark Wagon...