We Give Every Trademark the Utmost Attention.


Trademark Wagon is a Japanese intellectual property law firm in Tokyo and specializes in Trademark.


Trademark Wagon provides non-Japan based entities with legal supports in trademark matters. We have an unwavering commitment to provide high-quality trademark services to our clients each and every time. Our goal is to become your faithful partner to support your brands and business in Japan.




Our Trademark Servces

Trademark Search in Japan

Trademark Search

Conducting a trademark search so as to check registrability prior to filing a trademark application in Japan.

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Trademark Registration in Japan

Trademark Registration

Filing an application to register your trademark in Japan.

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Trademark Renewal in Japan

Trademark Renewal

Trademark right lasts for 10 years. To maintain it, it must be renewed.

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Madrid Protocol designating Japan

Madrid Protocol designating Japan

Responding to a Notification of Provisional Refusal from the Japan Patent Office.

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Other Trademark Services in Japan

Other Trademark Services

Any other issues relating to trademarks in Japan

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