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Registering Your Trademark and Design in Japan


Hello, Trademark Wagon is a Japanese intellectual property firm in Tokyo.

We provide non-Japan based entities and individuals with Trademark and Design services.


To register your trademark or design as SMOOTHLY as possible, we place the greatest importance on PRE-FILE REVIEW.

We spend as much time as possible, prior to filing, on reviewing your case. If there is any concern, we will discuss it with you.


That is the key for preventing unnecessary objections from examiners, and is more time and cost efficient in the end.


We handle each and every case with the utmost care and attention.



Fees for trademark registration in Japan

Trademark Registration in 1 class

TOTAL FEES       94,900 Japanese Yen


Here is the breakdown:

 Trademark Registration in 2 classes

TOTAL FEES       156,400 Japanese Yen


Here is the breakdown: