Madrid Protocol designating Japan


Have you received a Notification of Provisional Refusal from the Japan Patent Office against your International Registration under the Madrid Protocol designating Japan? Trademark Wagon is here for you.


To respond to the Notification of Provisional Refusal before the Japan Patent Office, it is required to appoint a representative in Japan if you do not reside or are not domiciled in Japan. 


Please however remember that in a case where all of the grounds for provisional refusals could be overcome ONLY by limiting or amending the list of goods and services, you have two options:

  • one option is amending the list through the intermediary of a local representative in Japan, and
  • the other option is limiting the list of goods and services by filing a request for a limitation using the MM6 form directly with WIPO while the case is still pending before the Japan Patent Office.

If you are not satisfied with an examiner's suggested descriptions of goods or services or do not want to delete goods or services, please consult with a trademark attorney in Japan. Trademark Wagon will be happy to discuss your requirements and handle responses to an examiner's objections before the Japan Patent Office as your representative.


We always welcome your inquiry!!

Trademark Wagon looks forward to helping you with your inquiry.


If you have questions or need fee quote for a particular case related to a Notification of Provisional Refusal, please send a copy of the Notification you received from the Japan Patent Office to 


Fees for responding to a provisional refusal may vary depending upon the complexity of the action(s) to be taken and contents of the provisional refusal.


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