Requirements for Filing a Trademark Application in Japan

Requirements for Filing a Trademark Application in Japan


What are items of information needed for filing a trademark application in Japan?

The following items of information are needed from you at the time of filing a trademark application.

  1. Trademark
    • If your trademark to be registered is a stylized or design mark, please send us an digital image file by email (if a digital file is not available, please send us a hard copy of the drawing on a paper), or 
    • Just type your trademark if it consists of only characters and numbers

  2. Goods and/or services
    Please write out descriptions of goods (products) or services in relation to which the trademark is used or is intended to be used.
    Then, we will carefully choose what should be designated in the list of goods and/or services.

  3. Name, address and nationality of the applicant

  4. Priority information (If needed)
    • If the application is to claim a priority from an earlier filing, please inform us of priority application number, filing date and country.
    • And within three months from the filing date of the Japanese application, a priority certificate must be submitted.


For further information, please contact Trademark Wagon.