2022 · April 14, 2022
Golden Week Holidays in 2022
We will be closed for national holidays in Japan from the end of April to beginning of May.
2022 · April 13, 2022
This blog post summarizes deadline relief measures made available to those affected by the situation in Ukraine.
2020 · June 16, 2020
This blog post summarizes latest updates of relief measures made available by the Japan Patent Office, during the times of COVID-19 pandemic.
2019 · December 09, 2019
Our office will be closed for year-end and new year holidays.
2019 · November 22, 2019
Total number of trademark applications filed to the Japan Patent Office and FA timing
A new page "Speed Up Trademark Examination Process in Japan" has been added to our website.
2019 · April 11, 2019
The Japan Patent Office publishes a yearly report that contains more than 250 pages of the statistics data. Let's look at what the data suggests.
2018 · November 05, 2018
These days, trademark examination takes much longer than it used to in Japan. Accordingly, the article "How Long Does it Take to Register a Trademark in Japan?" has been updated.
2018 · November 01, 2018
A new page "Trademark Renewal Period in Japan" has been added to our website.
2018 · June 20, 2018
Examination Guidelines for Similar Goods and Services
This blog post is about trademark examination guidelines for similar goods and services edited by the Japan Patent Office.
2018 · May 01, 2018
We are pelased to inform you that our office has moved.

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