Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Trademark Search

What types of trademark searches do you conduct?

There are different types of trademark searches that we conduct for our clients.

The scopes of trademark searches may vary depending upon each client's objective to achieve by conducting a trademark search.


Followings are the typical types of trademark searches that we can perform for our clients.

  1. Identical mark search
  2. Similar mark search
  3. Status check


In our pre-filing search, we conduct an identical and similar mark search, unless ordered otherwise by our clients. Please read Trademark Search for more information.




Trademark Registration

How long does it take to register a trademark in Japan?

Generally, from filing of a trademark application until receiving a first action from an examiner, it takes about 4 to 7 months in Japan. For further details, please read this.



Please explain the Japanese trademark registration process.

It is explained in detail on this page.



What are items of information needed for filing a trademark application in Japan?

The following items of information are needed:

  1. Trademark
  2. Goods and/or services and their classes
  3. Name, address and nationality of applicant(s)
  4. Priority information (if needed)

For further details, please read this.



How can I check the status of a trademark application in Japan?

Free website retrieval service operated by INPIT is a useful tool for conducting trademark searches and checking status of trademark applications and registrations. Yet, much information is available only in Japanese.  In English, basic information including important dates, numbers, etc. is available.


There might be cases where you need the status of a trademark application more exactly.

 If you would like to know more detailed status of a trademark application, please feel free to contact us. We can provide the information you need, free of charge.


Anyway, here is how you check the status of a trademark application.

Please go to this free website retrieval service called J-PlatPat (Japan Platform for Patent Information) run by INPIT.


Use "Japanese Trademark Database" under the "Trademark" category.

To access application information, simply enter the application number that you want to retrieve, and click the "Search" button. At the bottom of the page, it will display the number of search results retrieved, and click the number or the "View list" button. And then click the application or registration number to go to the information page.




Trademark Renewal

Can we pay a trademark renewal fee in installments?


The trademark renewal fee can be paid in two installments in Japan.


If you choose to pay it by installments, the renewal fee for the first five years must be paid at the time of renewal request, and the second payment of the renewal fee for the remaining five years must be made within 5 years from the original expiration date of the trademark right.


Official fee for renewal for 10 years

JPY 43,600 per class


Official fee for renewal paid in installments

JPY 22,800 per class


Please be aware that when a renewal fee is paid in installments, total renew fees end up being higher than the renewal fee paid all at once in a single payment.


Taking this into account, we would not recommend installment payment option, except under certain circumstances.




Madrid Protocol designating Japan

What documents do we need to respond to a Notification of Provisional Refusal issued by the Japan Patent Office?

Power of Attorney is required. However, signature to the Power of Attorney is no longer required in Japan.

In this regard, we normally request our clients to provide us with a scanned copy of the signed Power of Attorney or authorize us to submit Power of Attorney WITHOUT signature.



When is the due date for responding to a Notification of Provisional Refusal?

The due date for responding to a Notification of Provisional Refusal is within three months from the date of pronouncement, as indicated at the bottom of the Notification.


The due date can be extended for up to three months in total, upon request.



We received a Notification of Second Part of Individual Fee from the International Bureau of WIPO. Do we have to make the payment?

If Japanese designation in the international application (or subsequent designation of Japan to an international registration) was made ON OR BEFORE MARCH 31st, 2023,

-- YES, when protection is granted in Japan, you will receive the Notification, and it is necessary for the holder to pay the Second Part of Individual Fee to the International Bureau of WIPO. Particulars of the payment will be detailed in the Notification.


For Japanese designates made ON OR AFTER APRIL 1st, 2023, Japan no longer collects the Second Part of Individual Fee.