Trademark Search in Japan


The purpose of a trademark search is to determine whether a particular trademark is registrable in Japan.



FREE quick identical trademark search

We always conduct a quick FREE identical trademark search, prior to filing of a trademark application (for word marks only).

We believe it is our duty to inform you if we find serious obstacles or problems that would block registration of your trademark. 



Thorough trademark clearance search

If you would like to conduct more thorough trademark clearance searches or receive the search report, please order a trademark clearance search. 


Our trademark search report will contain:

  • Our attorneys' analysis and opinion about registrability of your trademark in Japan,
  • A list of trademark applications and/or registrations revealed in the database searches, and
  • Other relevant information, such as famous or well-known trademarks found through our internet searches.


What are the benefits of a trademark search?

From filing a trademark application to first action to be issued against your application, it takes months.

During the waiting time, many trademark owners launch their products or services in Japan or start its preparation.


Knowing beforehand that there is a serious obstacle to registration of your trademark will reduce waste of time and money.

There may be a case where you would like to choose to adopt a different name, logo or mark.


In other cases, trademark owners may choose to go ahead with the trademark, even if there exists an priorly-registered similar trademark.

Knowing beforehand will give you some time to deeply consider possible measures and strategies, for example, negotiating with owners of conflicting trademarks or demanding a cancellation trial.