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Technological progress made it easy to keep track of important dates. Just properly setting an alarm function on a computer, smartphone etc., you will receive a notification or reminder at the exact time of the important date.


So, is it easy to keep track of the renewal periods of your trademark rights in other countries?


No, unfortunately, it is NOT.


Every country has its own trademark system and laws and regulations, and a renewal period varies from country to country. If you want to keep track of renewal periods of your trademark portfolio on your own, you have to first check all of the countries' regulations and then find out the exact start dates and end dates of the renewal periods.


If you own trademark rights in more than one country, here are what we recommend you do:

  1. Ask the Renewal Period
    At the time of trademark registration or renewal, we recommend that you ask your trademark attorneys to inform you of the next renewal period of your trademark right, and mark the dates on your calendar with an alarm function on.

  2. Ask Local Representative to Send You a Reminder
    We would also recommend that you ask your trademark attorneys or local trademark representatives in the country (if any) to make sure to send you a reminder when the next renewal period comes.

  3. Keep Your Contact Email Current and Updated
    In order to receive a reminder from them, if there is any change in your contact information, for example, your name, address, or email address, don't forget to inform your trademark attorneys. Otherwise, important reminders won't arrive at you. 

About trademark renewal period in Japan, please READ THIS:

The article locates under the navigation menu "Trademark Services" --> "Trademark Renewal" --> Renewal Period


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